We Uphold a High Industry Standard

When it comes to body piercings, whether it is tongue piercings, lip piercings, nose piercings, nipple piercings, or any other brand of high quality body modification, Tony Snow has your best interests at heart. With over 20 years in the piercing industry Tony Snow has developed a level of care and precision that most piercing shops fail to acquire.

He sought out the Fakir Intensives program in San Francisco, to learn industry standards and practices . His level of knowledge and expertise is second to none. He learned from the best when it comes piercing aftercare, piercing standards, cleanliness, precision, and comfort.

The decision to get pierced or undergo body modification can be a daunting task to undergo, and Tony Snow makes sure that each and every one of his clients know they are dealing with a perfectionist, and his their safety is priority one! When it comes to looking for piercing shops in Las Vegas, or best piercing in Las Vegas, look no further than Tony of Primitive Accents Las Vegas.

Tony prides himself on care, comfort, and making sure his clients walk away knowing they have received top shelf high-quality attention. Tony connects with each and everyone of his clients, he goes through every emotion alongside his clients, and when his clients are looking at their new piercing in the mirror, the smile on their faces is without a doubt Tony’s greatest reward.

His level of knowledge has propelled him into the top tier of professional piercing. His years of experience, starting as a “counter kid” inside Diversity back in 1997, and helping experienced piercers was a huge motivator. Now his biggest concern is making sure you, the client, feel comfortable, relaxed, and have zero doubts while you’re getting the utmost care and precision from an experienced professional.

Tony Snow also loves to educate his clients to make sure they aren’t jumping on a fad bandwagon and getting a piercing that isn’t ideal for them, for he knows it would be irresponsible of him as a professional piercer to do that for somebody. He thrives on symmetry and perfection, because he knows the client is trusting him to work in a space that is sacred to them, whether it’s facial piercing, body modification, or genital piercing.

He makes sure his clients are aware that he always has their best interests in mind. When you decide to take the steps towards getting pierced, whether it’s your first time or 20th time, Tony Snow will make sure when you’re done you have all the resources you need for proper piercing aftercare, piercing jewelry, and piercing education.

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